Candy Pops

Introducing TOP POPS® TAFFY POPS - a delightful and original innovation crafted by the creative minds at Dorval! These tantalizing TAFFY POPS are not your ordinary lollipops; they're fun, chewy taffy treats on a stick, perfect for adding a burst of joy to any moment. Available in four mouthwatering flavors - from the classic sweetness of Strawberry to the bold tanginess of Raspberry Lemonade, there's a flavor for every craving. Plus, you can indulge worry-free, knowing that all TOP POPS® items are GMO and Gluten free! Look for the unmistakable logos highlighted on each package, ensuring maximum visibility and peace of mind with every purchase. Treat yourself to the ultimate candy experience with TOP POPS® TAFFY POPS - where fun meets flavor!