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  • ORIGIN - Dutch sweets with a slight coffee and caramel flavour
  • OTHER NAMES - Also referred to as Haagsche Hopjes
  • CHARACTERISTIC - A typical characteristic of the hopje is that it does not stick and that it does not go soft over time.

If you love coffee, get ready to enjoy your favorite drink in a whole new way. Rademaker coffee candies, also known as hopjes, have a rich and flavorful taste of coffee that you’ll absolutely love. It’s the perfect thing to give you that satisfying coffee flavor without having to drink a whole cup. These delicious treats are made by one of the oldest candy companies in Holland. Rademaker has been producing these traditional hopjes candies for decades, making them one of the most recognizable candy companies in the country. However, the popularity of Rademaker candy spread beyond Holland and has become a favorite in many other countries around the world, often being introduced by those with Dutch ancestry who miss this treasured treat from their homeland.